Covert Agency Holiday Party 2010

Our 1st annual Holiday Invite.

On December 10th, 2010, the Covert Agency held it’s first official holiday party at the Fifth Bar & Lounge in Studio City, CA. About 70 of the agency’s closest friends and future allies showed up to share some holiday cheer, while celebrating the agency’s unofficial “pre-launch.”

The invitees ranged from independent creative professionals, current and future covert agents, industry vendors, friends and family. “I saw several award-winning creative types just laughing and hanging out,” one aspiring art director was overheard saying.

Some attendees were treated to a pre-screening of the agency’s web site, and were able to give positive feedback to the development team.

The Fifth Bar & Lounge had been the location of two previous holiday parties when the team had been working together on other projects. Hidden away in the back of a strip mall on the other side of the L.A. River, it is a surprisingly chic, divey lounge-style bar with a healthy dose of post-70’s modernism thrown in for good measure. It was originally named “Studio Suite” and was a true Valley dive bar in every sense of the word before being taken over by the Vintage Bar Group (The Well, The Woods, NoBar, Bar 21) in 2008. Interesting fun fact: The Fifth got its name because it was the fifth property purchased by VBG.

“There was a lot of positive energy at the event,” the agency’s business manager, Jennifer Kang said, “Everyone seems so excited and supportive.”

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