Covert Agency: New Company, New Logo.

Version 1A

As soon as the words “Covert Agency” left his mouth, Joe Bui (Creative Director), Jennifer Kang (Business Manager) and Ara Keoshkerian (Creative Manager) knew they had something special to work with.

One of the first orders of business was to design a new logo for the start-up advertising, design and marketing company. Joe and Ara jumped in with both feet and within a few days they had several concepts strewn about their virtual studios.
What emerged was a parody of the official-looking governmental logo used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). But several steps had to be taken to alter the design and messaging so that it better reflected what the Covert Agency would eventually come to stand for.

Instead of the traditional olive branches flanking the center shield, a pen and pencil were added. The “scales of justice” were replaced with a graphic “all-seeing eye” to represent vision and clarity. The words “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” were replaced with “Courage, Creativity, Results.” (Not that the Covert Agency doesn’t encourage fidelity, bravery and integrity. But the agency just felt that courage, creativity and results would be much more appropriate for a design/marketing agency!)

Of course, the main text in the logo needed to be updated as well. So the words “Covert Agency” were added to the top hemisphere, and the new motto, “To design and to serve” were added to the bottom.

The last step was to rebuild the artwork from the ground up, with smoother gradations, some snazzy lighting effects and more legible typography. (After all, how bad would it be if a design company didn’t have an ass-kicking logo?)

With their new logo in hand, the team now needed to set it sights on the next order of business.

About Covert Agency

The Covert Agency is the best-kept secret in marketing communications.
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